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Corporate Hospitality Services

Targetcraft Archery have been providing archery instructors and equipment for all kinds of corporate and fun events for many years. We provide individual instructors or instructor teams to work alone or alongside other activities over a full range of events, from company promotions, team building events and family fun days to small private groups who just require archery as a fun activity. We arrange archery activity days at our venue in Desborough, Northants, as a single event or with off-road motoring, falconry and clay shooting (subject to availability). We also offer private coaching and individual lessons.

All our instructors are members of the GNAS (Grand National Archery Society), the main governing body for Target Archery in the UK, and are all active in the sport of archery. They have a wealth of experience to call upon to make any event a safe memorable and enjoyable experience for all taking part.


Instructors setting up

Crossbow shooting

All events are tailored to clients requirements with regard to type of equipment, and style of event (fun event, scored competition, etc). Normally we use light draw weight Olympic style bows with aluminium arrows, but we do provide traditional longbows and wood arrows if required. Crossbow stands are also available for those who require something different.

We supply all the necessary equipment and safety netting, along with a marquee and bunting to make the stand visually inviting. We have our own Public Liability insurance to cover our instructors, the equipment, and all persons under instruction, at our own or clients venue.

Set up

Typical stand set-up

For further information and advice, please contact us on:

Telephone 01536 725577 : Fax 01536 722377 :  email action@targetcraft.com

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