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Skorten 'locksolid'™ Sights

Skorten 'lock-solid' sights are precision made from highest quality materials. All parts are machined in our own workshops from solid bar for minimum tolerances. Designed to withstand the stresses and vibration of modern high technology bows, their sturdy construction and positive locking ensures consistent, reliable, shake-proof use.

Supreme lll

Skorten Supreme sight

Specially designed for compound bows. Twin knobs for major elevation locking, and click adjustment micro elevation and windage adjustment with positive locking. Unique FastXchange™ sight pin spindle allows easy change of scopes/sight pins without loss of sight marks. Accepts 8/32nc and 10/32nf scope threads. Interchangeable right/left hand. 8" side mount.



Supreme lll



Carriage assembly



Skorten Supreme carriage assemby

Skorten Supreme Mlll conversion kit

Mlll conversion assembly



FastXchange spindle



Side mount block




Carriage assembly

Mlll conversion assy


Skorten TC1 sight

Economy version of the Supreme, the 'locksolid' TC1 sight is suitable for both compound and recurve bows. Major elevation single locking, and micro windage adjustment. Accepts 8/32nc and 10/32nf scopes. (please specify thread required). Interchangeable right/left hand. 8" side mount.



TC1 sight



Carriage assembly



10/32 conversion kit



Side mount block



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